The Different Parts of a Basketball Shoe

When shopping for basketball shoes, you’ll see certain jargon used that you may not be familiar with. So I want to take the opportunity to explain the different parts of the basketball shoe in hopes that it will help you choose the best basketball shoe for you.

The typical basketball shoe is broken down into three parts, the upper, midsole, and and outsole

Upper – is the top part of the shoe. It’s main function is to provide support in the ankle area. Most shoes have an upper made up synthetic materials that offer support, flexibility, and durability.

Midsole – is the cushion that’s found within the actual shoe. The midsole is perhaps the most important part of the shoe because it is in direct contact with our foot the entire time we are wearing any basketball shoes. The purpose of the midsole is to absorb the impact your foot receives while playing basketball. Jumping, running, changing directions, and all other moves put pressure on your foot and the midsoles job is to protect your foot from that force and impact.

Outsole – is the is the bottom of the shoe. Again, this part is terribly important because the outsole is what provides you with traction. If you play in shoes that have a poor outer, you will be more likely to slip on the court and are more susceptible to have an injury. A shoe with good traction also allows you make those quick cuts that are vital to playing basketball. Most outsoles are better suited for indoor play, but there are a shoes that come with extra durable outsoles that make them safe for outdoor play as well.

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