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Best Place to Buy Basketball Shoes

When you’re trying to find the best basketball shoes, there’s so many different places to buy from that the options can overwhelm you. Below, I’ll outline a few of my favorite places to buy the best basketball shoes, hopefully making the process a little easier for you.

Amazon, which originally started off as on online bookstore, has blossomed into a one-stop shop for just about everything, including basketball shoes. They have one of the LARGEST selections of basketball shoes, some that you can’t find anywhere else.

Amazon also tends to be cheaper than the big guys like Finish Line and Footlocker, only because there’s so many different suppliers fighting for the same customer. And in the end it’s us, the consumers, who benefit from that competition. When you walk into Foot Locker, there really isn’t any competition at that exact moment. But when you’re on amazon, there’s probably a whole slew of related products from other suppliers everywhere on the page.

In addition to have better deals and cheaper prices, often times Amazon has special editions of certain basketball shoes (like these limited edition Kobe’s). You’d be hard pressed to find those elsewhere without being a serious “sneaker head”. Amazon allows the average consumer to be part of the “in crowd”. And it’s pretty cool when you can step foot on a court, and nobody else has the same shoes you have on.

Finally, amazon is convenient. You don’t even have to leave your house. If you drive all the way to Champs, they may not have your size. Then you have to head to another store. And then another. But when you buy basketball shoes online, the chances of you easily finding what you want increase dramatically.

So as you can see, I’m a huge proponent of getting your basketball shoes from Amazon. They’re cheaper, unique, and convenient.

Head over to Amazon now and start shopping!

Now I’m cheating here a little bit because Zappos is owned by Amazon, but the major difference here is that ALL of the basketball shoes Zappos sales are great deals. They don’t carry a lot of the big name superstar shoes, but if you’re just a guy who’s looking for a solid shoe to play a pick up game in, then Zappos is the way to go.

Zappos has made a name for itself in the online shoe industry by providing the best customer service. If none of the reviews on this help you, give Zappos’ customer service a call and I guarantee that they’ll help you find the best basketball shoes for you.

Other Options 

Of course, if none of the above suit you, you can always hit the big name stores online.

The important thing is, no matter where you shop, just make sure that you’re getting the best basketball shoes for you!


The Different Parts of a Basketball Shoe

When shopping for basketball shoes, you’ll see certain jargon used that you may not be familiar with. So I want to take the opportunity to explain the different parts of the basketball shoe in hopes that it will help you choose the best basketball shoe for you.

The typical basketball shoe is broken down into three parts, the upper, midsole, and and outsole

Upper – is the top part of the shoe. It’s main function is to provide support in the ankle area. Most shoes have an upper made up synthetic materials that offer support, flexibility, and durability.

Midsole – is the cushion that’s found within the actual shoe. The midsole is perhaps the most important part of the shoe because it is in direct contact with our foot the entire time we are wearing any basketball shoes. The purpose of the midsole is to absorb the impact your foot receives while playing basketball. Jumping, running, changing directions, and all other moves put pressure on your foot and the midsoles job is to protect your foot from that force and impact.

Outsole – is the is the bottom of the shoe. Again, this part is terribly important because the outsole is what provides you with traction. If you play in shoes that have a poor outer, you will be more likely to slip on the court and are more susceptible to have an injury. A shoe with good traction also allows you make those quick cuts that are vital to playing basketball. Most outsoles are better suited for indoor play, but there are a shoes that come with extra durable outsoles that make them safe for outdoor play as well.


Basketball Shoes vs. Running Shoes

I’ve made the mistake myself, even though I knew better, of playing basketball in running shoes. I ended up with blisters on my toes and bruised toenails.

Let me say this loud and clear, running shoes are not made for basketball! 

 Running shoes are made for movement in a straight line. They provide the cushioning and support your feet need for the constant impact they receive from the ground. However, running shoes do not provide much support, if any, for lateral movement. And for those of you who play basketball, you know that lateral movement is a big part of playing basketball. If you try to make a quick cut or lateral move in running shoes, you could end up twisting an ankle or spraining a knee.

Running shoes also provide little support for the ankle. Most basketball shoes are mid or high tops and provide ample support for you ankles. Have you ever seen a high top running shoe?

Running shoes also have different traction than basketball shoes. The traction featured on basketball shoes is made specifically for basketball courts. They provide a solid grip, but still allow for fluid movements.

Running shoes have a different type of traction that doesn’t work as well on the basketball court. The traction can be a bit excessive and could cause your foot to “stick” which could lead to injuries.

Although both basketball shoes and running shoes are considered, “Athletic Shoes” they are designed for very different purposes. Your safest bet is use running shoes for running, and basketball shoes for basketball. Otherwise you could end up seriously injured.






nike elite series

How to Pick the Best Basketball Shoe for You

Let me start by saying this, there is no “one size fits all”. Each and every person has different needs when it comes to which basketball shoe is best for them.

There are two main things to think about when you are deciding which basketball shoe is best for you.

1) Your Size and Weight – Heavier and taller players need shoes that offer more support and stability. Shorter and less heavy players don’t need as much support and stability.

2) Your Style of Play – If you’re a post player (center, or power forward) you again need a shoe that gives your my stability. If you are Guard or player that likes to run up and down the court, you want a lightweight shoe that gives you support in your lateral movements.

 Once you know your size/weight/style of play, you can continue to narrow down your search. When comparing shoes, focus on the attributes. Some attributes will be more important you than others. And not everyone places equal value on the same attribute.

The main attributes to look at are

1) Traction – Some basketball shoes are made specifically for indoor play and don’t have traction that will hold up on an outdoor court. Other shoes are made for both indoor and outdoor. Do you play a lot of outdoor basketball? 

2) Cushion – Some cushion is better than others at absorbing and impact. Some shoes have added cushion in certain areas like the heel or the forefoot. Where do you need the added cushion? 

3) Material –Some material is rigid which is good for the bigger players. Other material is light and less restrictive which allows for great flexibility for those who make quick lateral moves.

4) Fit – Some shoes run tighter than others. Do you have a wide foot? 

5) Support – Again, this comes down to your individual needs. Some players like a lot of ankle support and will opt with the high top shoes. Other players prefer flexibility and want low top shoes that don’t restrict your movement but still give your support in the midsole.

6) Price – Although there are some steals out there, you will usually have to pay a higher price for shoes that score high marks in the categories I previously mentioned. It all depends on your needs and how much you want out of your shoe.

As this site grows, I will continue to review shoes. Again, I will do my best to simply state the facts and let you choose which shoe works best for you and your particular situation. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

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